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The Problem: ‘Peel and Steal’ method of break-ins to vans

‘Peel and Steal’ has been hitting the headlines in recent months, becoming a new

craze for those intent on breaking into vans swiftly. It involves burglars bending

the top of the vans side-door downwards, reaching inside and removing anything

of value. All this can be achieved in around 30 seconds, - fast enough to make

alarms next to useless. Even if nothing has been left inside the vehicle, repairing

the damage can be costly and inconvenient. ‘Peel and Steal’ is a growing concern

for all who carry tools and anything of value within their van. This particularly

applies to tradesmen, many of whom have had their livelihood disrupted.

The Solution: ‘Vangarde’ anti Peel and Steal Security System.

Introducing the Vangarde Van Security System. Manufactured and designed in the

UK, this innovative system consists of two steel plates, which may be easily fitted

to the inside top corners of the vans side-door, using quick-release fixings, taking

a few seconds to put in place. Vangarde plates effectively brace against attempts

to bend the top of the door. They are designed to be fitted last thing after work,

when parking in a secluded area or when the van is to be left for an extended

period such as a holiday. Once the side-door has been secured, we would

recommend that the vehicle is backed up against your garage etc. to safeguard

the rear doors. The Vangards may be easily removed within a few seconds by the

owner. They have the added bonus that if the door lock has been picked or

compromised, or the door itself forced, then the Vangarde will also help prevent

the door from being opened, and as the Vangards are effectively invisible to the

potential burglar, then they are more difficult to overcome. This has often been the

downfall of the deadlock, because certain elements are visible from the outside.

When you change your van, your Vangardes can easily be removed and refitted

to your new vehicle too!

Shipping £6.50 on all orders